It's almost 5 months since I started remote for Progressive Finance and loving it more this wintertime. One of the pros of working from home not having to drive to work especially on dreaded winter days, not driving also means savings on gas and less mileage on your car. This also means about 2-3 hours of time saved that you can spend to get more sleep and be rested well, its recommended to get at least 7- 8 hours of snooze times anyways. This time savings can be reallocated accordingly to more productive activities such as working out, taking care of your health, reading more, spending more time with your family friends, and loves ones. Fly by’s are rare to non-existent when you remote and gives you more focus time on getting important things forward and helping the team achieve the overall goal.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are also cons to working remotely, you miss out on being on the coffee conversations and the human interactions of being in a work place. There is also a saying out of sight out of mind? Regular morning hangouts and check in with the Michigan team helps a lot on this challenge. Being remote does not allow you to just drop by and track down co-workers if you need some information or need something right away, tools such as #google hangout and slack help augment this void plus some more on top.

The first 2 months of working remotely were mostly getting used to day-to-day stuff on experimenting on what best works in terms of communication and being on top of what's happening at work and on the project. It's key and you need to be proactive in gathering information for a project your working on, as I’ve already mentioned tools such as google hangouts, slack, and screen hero are all great tools to augment your presence and collaboration with your team.

At this point in time, I see more pros than cons working remotely and I’m loving it especially this winter time.


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