If you are stuck at home and more so on a 256 SQM shoebox like me and want to stay active it's a challenge but we still have options to stay active. The question is what options do we have? How can we be deliberate about your plans on staying active during this period of extended isolation and separation we are going thru? What tools can you utilize existing tools and options out there?


1. Walking 3-5 days a week if this is allowed in your city. Just please have your mask ready while walking outside in case encounter a lot of people on your walking route. 

2. Following online videos for a specific workout program you want to follow. Yoga, kickboxing, or just regular stretching. 

3. Use a free workout application that is available out there

Your goal is to build a routine of staying active does it does not matter which option you choose.

Being Deliberate:

Have a target in mind and an eng goal, target to walk 3-5 times a week for the next three months for example. The outcome would be more in the line hmmm how do I feel on my first week of walking was I catching my breath? And during the end of the three-month period do I feel like I can walk forever. Remember to track it down too there is a lot of options out there to track your walk, on your phone does not matter if it is an Android or iPhone. 


1. With walking download an app Map My Walk is a good example of tracking your walks. Not a tool but make it a family event or a partner event. Bring your significant other or your kids and walk with them.

2. Head over to YouTube and search for a workout you want to do and you can do it at home, search kickboxing for example, or yoga.

3. Free workout apps one great example would be Rebel Together create by Nico Bolzico and Erwan Huesaff. 

Let me know your thoughts but leaving comments down below, let's stay active together in this together. 


Go Slow to Go Far, Go withFriends to Go Farther


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