As software engineers, we always have the thirst and desire to learn, explore, and play with new technology Sam is no exception. He recently acquired an android powered Moto X second generation. Why not try an infamous Hello World app in Android Studio and possibly deploy it on the new Moto X.

1.  Download and setup Android Studio

Android Studio can be download from, download and install Android Studio. You know mount the image file and drag and drop android studio to the applications folder and the installation will do its magic.

2.  Build Hello World App

Go ahead and fire up Android Studio

Go to File->New Project…

Fill up the Application Name –> Select target platform (Phone and Tablet) –>Specify Minimum SDK ( API 21: Android 5.0 Lollipop ). Or SELECT defaults.

Select to specify activity, just choose default activity, specify a name if you want, and click move to the next step and finish.

You now have an Android project

3. Run Hello World App in Emulator

Run your project, Run-> Run App and you have a Hello World running in Emulator

4. Deploy Hello World App on Device

Enable on-device developer options instructions can be found here 

Enable your device for USB debugging

Of course, your device needs to be plugged in with your USB

Running the app from Android Studio will now show another option to run it on the device

There you go Hello World from Android Studio running on your Device!

That’s it folks till next time :)


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