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How to lose 9 lbs. and fit in your old jeans with modified Insanity MAX 30 in 5 weeks?

Sam don’t usually set New Year’s resolution, but this year he decided to focus on three things consistency, patience and persistence on everything he does. These 3 characteristics are vital on helping him in loose 9 lbs. in 5 weeks, fitting his old jeans that are getting tighter each day due to the off season and out of control snacking. He is now down to 165 lbs. from 174.5 back in January, 4 more weeks of Insanity and with patience and persistence he will loose 3 more lbs. by the end of the program.

What does that exactly mean you may ask, one concrete example is Sam’s recent feat on starting and keeping up on Insanity MAX 30. Workout at home doing the modified track. What is Insanity MAX 30 anyways? Insanity is at home workout on DVD that is 4 weeks long 30 minutes 5 days a week by famous Beach body BEACHBODY trainer Shaun T. Here are some images from their web site to draw you a summary.



Consistency is a key ingredient here, on this workout/lifestyle change you have to put in time and max out each day and do the best that you can be, your competition here is yourself max out, keep proper form and out best yourself each day. Improve and gain a little each day before you know you know it your loosing inches and lbs.

Patience getting the workout done needs patience, to do another push up to keep going on push up jack, to keep your legs up while punching your stomach at the same time. It’s a must to finish each workout knowing that it will be hard and painful. Patience is also needed in preparing your meal for the next few days so you can check your nutrition check.

Persistence its good to have patience it will get you thru with a workout, having patience and persistence together will enable you to finish what you started, to go where you want to go, transform good great. Patience enable’s you to wake up at 5 knowing its tough but persistence will enable you to keep on doing this and finish the entire program and transform yourself into someone that you didn’t imagine was possible.

Some items to note that Sam’s changed up during these 5 week duration:

  1. Switch up to drinking his coffee black in the morning (he usually gets a XL coffee double double in the morning.
  2. Hydrate all day, drink a glass of water right out of bed and keep hydrating all day
  3. Prepared meals at home instead of buying them at the cafeteria
  4. Avoided free lunch Thursday at work, or really be selective defending on what’s being served
  5. Switched up breakfast to Shakeology (prepared with water/almond milk, ice and half a banana)
  6. Enjoy and devour at least one to two cheat meals a week
  7. Read and learn more about nutrition, food and “cooking”
  8. Savor on green tea, matcha based/mixed green tea matcha on your protein shake taste great too

Here’s how Sam’s typical lunch and grocery looks like ( he loves salmon there is no contestation about that ).


food 2

mostly good picks, salmon covered somewhere, eggs, clementine's, quinoa, peppers, asparagus, strawberries, summer squash, salad greens, chicken and more …

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Be consistent, patient and persistent :)