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Gold Rush Run 24k–Manila Philippines

It all started with running back when I started doing half marathons I always have the desire to join one back home, finally able to check this off last September 14, 2014. Way out of shape for the race but goal for that day was to finish. The run is not what I all expected it to be, was training my mind for humidity and hot weather. Instead I got humidity, rain, win and pot holes. This race reminded me how out of shape I was after not running for the past two months leading up to race day and being on vacation didn’t help either. As always whenever I go back home its always about food, food and more food, I’ve had countless kare kare, sinigang, sisig, leche plan, halo halo, pusit, green mango shake and much more. Overall still a fun experience to be able to join a run back home.

Here is the run as captured on Nike+ not my best peat pretty slow like a turtle at 10’01” per mile.

run back home

And as show by these pictures I was in pain and way out of shape,  Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in 14 days to close off the season Smile